About Us

Based in Bangkok, we are a targeted distribution
specialist of products from Overseas.

We believe we are in the World where someone somewhere is creating a product that is targeted for a specific attributes and demand, which might well be in a disrupting way. We believe in the basic of globalisation, market segmentation and the fundamental of disruption. We are marketers and we love ideas. Not being isolated to one product category is our freedom to be creative. It is a real challenge but that is why we come to work everyday.

Unlike a conventional distribution company, we ask ourselves a lot of questions. Far too many companies find themselves shackled to an existing way, that goes without saying that they might be big and profitable but is it possible that this ingrained way of thinking is limiting their actions?

Our Favourite part of the job is to tell the untold story, the fascinating concept and approach to a product that turns it to life. The story that makes your product different…., it is what makes us different..


It has integrated the world’s views, ideas and other aspects but for us, it has created an opportunity for niche products to find their way to larger demand.


Why serve a niche market?
It only happens when a deep understanding of customers’ needs are understood.We adore Digital marketing and we are closer to our customer than ever!


We love your guts when you see difference and come up with something different. Not all businesses needs to be disruptive but we specially fancy the disruption ones.

Contact us

Considering a distributor in Thailand? We are always seeking new challenges across the product categories and would love to hear about your product. Please drop us a message and our business development team will get back to you as soon as we can.

Any other messages are also highly welcomed, specially for those who are keen on the new challenge in their career. we are constantly looking for talented individuals who will help us drive our vision and value.